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We Defend Your Rights In Restraining Order Violation Cases

Restraining orders are a part of some of the most sensitive, difficult cases people face. Violations of a restraining order or facing one in the first place are extremely stressful and fraught. You deserve every chance to protect your name and freedom.

At , our team of attorneys has experience in criminal law defense to protect your rights. We work hard for people across Raleigh facing serious charges. We understand the unique stresses a restraining order can cause for your personal life. We are fierce advocates for you no matter what is ahead.

What You Need To Know About Protective Orders In North Carolina

A domestic violence protective order (DVPA) in North Carolina is a court order. It dictates that a person must keep their distance and not contact a specific individual. Anyone who violates a DVPO may be arrested. Because of the nature of a DVPO and its intended use, a person can secure one relatively quickly. They are civil orders, but they do end up on a person’s criminal record.

All of the above factors add up to one important truth: the stakes are incredibly high if you are the subject of a DVPO. However, the protective order may prevent you from contacting a person, but it is not a conviction, and DVPO hearings are not heard before a criminal court.

How Guirguis Law, P.A., Makes A Difference

We can get to work right away to defend your rights and name against any accusation. We use our understanding of restraining orders and the law to fight for you.

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