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The Coptics are the original inhabitants of Egypt. It can then be said that the Coptics (often referred to as the Copts) of today are the direct descendants of the ancient Egyptians, that is, the Pharaohs. According to a book by William Oriel, a short account of the Copts, “The Copts are the Christians of Egypt and they are the direct descendants of the ancient Egyptians, the study of the history of Egyptian Copts is of significant importance as they are the remaining minority of ancient Egyptians who survived years of seclusion and persecution.”

Attorney Guirguis is a Coptic Orthodox Christian whose identity is closely tied to this background. Her family endured years of discrimination and mistreatment in Egypt. Accordingly, she is shaped by the many stories that her grandmother told her about her grandfather who, as a Coptic attorney, fought inside and outside of Egyptian Courts for the mistreated and persecuted. It is here where her dream of becoming an attorney was born and continues to grow with every client she represents. This is not only a career for her, but her mission.

Asylum is a Blessing that the United States shares with those who are persecuted or have well-founded fears of future persecution based on race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion. INA § 101(a)(42)(A). It is a privilege and a mission for attorney Guirguis to advocate and fight for those who seek “refuge” in the United States because of these types of persecution. Given Attorney Guirguis’ deep roots as a Coptic Orthodox Christian and her close connection to the history and experiences of a persecuted minority, her fight for clients seeking asylum is very close to her. She will continue to tirelessly devote her practice to assisting these individuals and their families. Acquiring justice and peace for asylum seekers in the United States is a calling that attorney Guirguis dedicates herself to with passion and determination.

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