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Need North Carolina Post-Conviction Relief?

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Did your case not go as expected? Turn to us. If you choose our attorneys, we’ll do everything possible to get a fair resolution for your case. What this can mean is seeking post-conviction relief. This allows you to potentially bring evidence or concerns to a case post-trial. If you think you need a post-conviction attorney in Raleigh, NC, email or call Guirguis Law today.

Post-Conviction Relief And Covid-19

Post-conviction relief is rapidly becoming pertinent with the spread of COVID-19. North Carolina post-conviction relief comes through a filing titled “Motion for Appropriate Relief.” In federal criminal court, we work on Compassionate Release filings under the First Step Act. This is important because individuals are looking to try and secure home confinement due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Accordingly, it’s imperative that our community knows we can help with such matters.

Provisions for relief come from the Eighth Amendment and state laws. Contact us now for more information on North Carolina post-conviction relief.

State Post Conviction Relief based on Covid-19 circumstances:
1. NCGS 15A-1415(b)(8)
2. NCGS 17-33(2)
3. The 8th Amendment under the United States Constitution, and then under Article 1, Section 27 of the North Carolina Constitution.

Federal Compassionate Release under the First Step Act (the CJA is utilized for certain qualified applicants to obtain such relief):
1. Need to first Start with the BOP given that AG Barr has ordered them to try to release those individuals that they can to home confinement (e.g. Paul Manafort).
2. The compassionate release act: 18 USC Section 3582(c)(1)(A)(i).

You Can Take Advantage Of Every Tool At Your Disposal

You aren’t out of options just because your trial is over. When you team up with Guirguis Law, our law firm will explore every possible path for post-conviction relief. Arguments can include…

  • New evidence in the case, such as DNA evidence that can prove innocence
  • Misconduct by a juror or the prosecution
  • Changes in the law following the verdict

If you feel your previous legal counsel was ineffective, we can review the details of your case and petition for new testimony with the court. Choose a law firm that won’t stop fighting for you. Call us today for post-conviction relief in North Carolina.