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At Guirguis Law in downtown Raleigh, we assist clients from around the world in their efforts to extend or secure permanent opportunities in the United States of America. Practicing in the area of immigration law, we provide clients with advice, counsel, assistance and representation for the sometimes complicated process of building a future in our country. Our firm’s focus is always on you, the client.

Lawyers For All Your Immigration Needs

If you are looking for an immigration attorney, we can assist you with a number of immigration law issues, including:

  • Crimmigation defense: For people facing possible deportation due to criminal charges, we can represent them in federal immigration court and fight to keep them in this country.
  • Asylum: We help people escaping life-threatening danger in their home country seek asylum in the U.S.
  • Adjustment of status: We can help you change the visa you are here on or seek permanent residency status (green card).
  • Citizenship: Our attorneys can guide you through the path of becoming a U.S. citizen.
  • Visa extensions: We can help you renew or extend your immigrant visa.
  • Family-based immigration: We assist in petitioning for your spouse, children and other relatives to join you in this country.

Our attorneys and staff bring a wide range of invaluable knowledge and skills to immigration law. We will work as a team on your case to give you the best possible representation. We will personalize our strategy to your situation and needs as our client. Members of our team speak Spanish and Arabic to help you feel more comfortable speaking to us.

Our founding lawyer, Nardine Mary Guirguis, began her career working in the federal court system and built a practice dedicated to providing support to people when they need it most. She herself is a naturalized citizen, having immigrated to America as a youth. She has stood in your shoes and has gone through the immigration process. From personal experience, she knows that immigration law has only become a more complicated issue for visitors to the United States in the past few years, and our immigration attorney works to provide a clearer and more understandable way through complex immigration issues.

Experienced Immigration Attorneys Delivering Comprehensive Legal Representation

Guirguis Law provides clients of all needs with equal representation, equal respect and equal effort. We believe in offering clients effective legal assistance to achieve their goals. Whether you are seeking asylum in the U.S., looking to extend your opportunity for work or education or want to become a permanent citizen, our immigration attorney will work with you to reach your goals. We help you fill out and file the necessary paperwork, petition the courts and understand the process, along with providing representation in hearings and court proceedings.

Take advantage of our initial consultation, multilingual services in English, Spanish and Arabic and our client-focused international practice. Contact us by filling out our online contact form or calling us at 919-874-1445 today to get started.