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Can Your Incarceration End Early?

Those who are imprisoned after conviction of a crime – and their families – face many daily challenges. Among the most upsetting challenges ahead is the possibility of facing a terminal illness alone. However, the law in North Carolina offers you some options.

At Guirguis Law, P.A., our attorneys are dedicated, faithful advocates for our clients facing serious criminal law problems. We defend clients, and we also assist with helping convicted clients find sentence relief. Our reputation across Raleigh is that of attorneys clients can count on for attention and strength.

Do You Qualify For Compassionate Release?

A compassionate or medical release from a state prison in North Carolina depends on two factors. The first is medical necessity, and this means the prisoner must meet at least one of the following:

  • Be 65 or older with an age-related disease.
  • Be permanently and totally disabled.
  • Be terminally ill and likely to pass within six months.

In addition to the above medical requirements, the applicant must pose no risk to public safety. In practice, the court will consider any convicted person except for:

  • Class A Felonies
  • Class B1 or B2 Felonies
  • Any crime that requires registration as a sex offender

If you or your loved one meet these conditions, you have a strong chance of successfully securing release.

Where Guirguis Law Comes In

As attorneys and zealous advocates, we provide insight and determine the defense of our clients’ rights and freedoms. We understand the hope that a compassionate release petition can offer you, and we will do everything possible to support this option.

Our major goal is to be the attorneys you need when you need us. We help you fill out forms. We advocate in hearings. We listen and care about you. Contact us today by calling 919-874-1445 or sending an email using this form.