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Crimmigration: Navigating Immigration Law

Immigration law in the United States is exceptionally complicated and wrought with unnecessary difficulties. To further complicate matters, if one entered into the United States without inspection and has accumulated years of unlawful presence then traveling through our immigration system becomes an even more daunting task. However, it is not impossible, depending on the facts and circumstances of your life, which includes your family and criminal history.

The Cross Area Of Immigration And Criminal Law

Many times we are fortunate enough to represent individuals who are non-citizens facing criminal charges. Depending upon what the charges are, they can have severe consequences on your ability to stay in the United States. That is why it becomes imperative that you find an attorney (and corresponding law firm) who not only understands and excels in representing clients in immigration law but also criminal law.

Every criminal charge requires due diligence in ensuring that there are no immigration consequences. If there are, the client needs to be immediately apprised of such. Of the many types of crimes, some mandate even more attention.

Some of the types of crimes that one needs to be very cautious about are the following:

  • Crimes involving moral turpitude
  • Aggravated felonies
  • Controlled Substance Act violations
  • Domestic violence-related offenses
  • Larceny (petty larceny exceptions)

Furthermore, depending on whether or not one has status and what type of status one possesses, these categories may be different and could potentially have even more grave consequences.

The Criminal Disposition

It is the judgment in the criminal case, along with any “admissions” that are likely what becomes part of the evidence used against an individual in immigration proceedings. Accordingly, it becomes important to ensure that our legal service is tailored in a manner that keeps this very important point in mind. If, for instance, an individual receives a dismissal in his/her criminal case, but in the process “admits” his/her guilt, then that in and of itself is treated in the same manner as if the person pled guilty for the purposes of immigration proceedings. Thus, not proceeding with the highest level of caution can cause the non-citizen to ultimately be removed. Consulting an immigration law firm that has a specialist in criminal law can prove to be an asset in navigating both immigration and criminal court. Thank God Guirguis Law is one of those law firms.