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Criminal Defense For Drug Charges In Raleigh

While public opinion and the stigma of drug use and possession are shifting, drugs are illegal in North Carolina. A conviction for a drug crime in state or federal court can come with serious consequences.

If you have been accused of a drug crime, our compassionate, faith-based criminal defense attorneys at Guirguis Law, P.A., can protect your rights and fight for your freedom. If you are an immigrant or a noncitizen, our immigration attorneys can fight on your behalf to allow you to remain in the country.

Criminal Charges For Drug Crimes In North Carolina

Our lawyers represent clients accused of all types of drug crimes who may be facing criminal charges for the following:

  • Possession of a controlled substance
  • Possession with intent to sell or deliver
  • Selling drugs
  • Manufacturing of drugs
  • Drug trafficking

When it comes to drugs, virtually any interaction with them may be illegal. Additionally, falsifying a prescription can lead to forgery or fraud charges.

Consequences And Penalties For Drug Convictions

Depending on the facts and circumstances of your case, a misdemeanor or felony conviction for drugs in state or federal court can come with serious jail time and fines. Beyond the criminal penalties, there are lasting consequences for your future. Future background checks for employment opportunities, school applications or by landlords will reveal a criminal history of a drug crime. Additionally, if you are an immigrant or a noncitizen, a drug conviction could result in a removal proceeding for deportation.

Because the potential consequences of a drug conviction can reach far beyond your day in court, it is important to have a skilled attorney who will zealously fight for your legal rights. The criminal defense attorneys at Guirguis Law, P.A., have extensive experience representing clients charged with drug offenses in both state and federal court. Meanwhile, as immigration attorneys, our lawyers also understand the overlapping issues with criminal law and immigration.

Consult With A Drug Defense Attorney

Our criminal defense and immigration lawyers are available for initial consultation appointments. If you have been charged with a drug crime, call our office at 919-874-1445 or reach out through our contact form to set up a consultation.