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Nardine Mary Guirguis


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Nardine Mary Guirguis, known to many of her friends and family as "Nan," is the founder of Guirguis Law. She has brought together, through GOD and His mission for her, an amazing, strong and zealous team of individuals at this devoted Law Firm. She has hand picked this great and unique team based on a set of values and determination to the service and advocacy for their clients. This is of the greatest importance to her.

Since she could remember, Nan had always desired to be an Attorney. It was her dear Grandmother who brought this honorable profession into her dreams and aspirations. When she was growing up her Grandma would talk about her husband, Nan's Grandfather, and the despairing injustice he was surrounded by as an Attorney in Egypt and his dedication and fight for justice in his work and life. It was through this dedication for his family that he slowly but surely immigrated every single one of his children and his beautiful wife from the injustice, discrimination and persecution there to the United States. Sadly, shortly after fulfilling his dream of bringing his family to the US he passed away; Nan was only one but she still got to know him through her beautiful Grandmother's stories.

Nan believes that her calling is to serve as many people as GOD wills it, and to do it in accordance to His Will with GOD being the connector and foundation of the Guirguis Law Team. This is what her Grandmother taught her and she will die fighting for others. She Prays each day that GOD guides her in building an Army in the Guirguis Law Team to practice and advocate within the law at Guirguis Law to serve and fight for His children, our clients.

She has excelled academically and through extracurricular activities. She graduated first in her class with a degree in Sociology from North Carolina State University. This was not something though that made her boast, but humbled her into affirming her path to Law School. She chose Campbell Law School, Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law, because of its stellar Trial Advocacy training; that is, it trained its students to be excellent trial lawyers, which is one of the great successes of Campbell Law. Accordingly, she strove to be on the Trial Team and was blessed to have such an opportunity despite the great competition she went up against.

After Law School, her devotion to GOD and her passion and drive for litigation led her to open Guirguis Law. In 2012, she became a certified Specialist in Criminal Law State and Criminal Law Federal. She also is dedicated to the practice of Immigration Law, and accordingly is involved in AILA, American Immigration Lawyers Association. Consequently, there is not one day that she is not reading up on Immigration Law and corresponding current events because of the ever-changing and evolving immigration law "practice" within the United States. The Guirguis Law team, in turn, shares this knowledge with their clients so as to assure the best representation is provided to them. She believes that knowledge without practice is a waste of wisdom, and it will not be a part of the Guirguis Law Team.

Nan's life is devoted to GOD. Because of this she always strives to best serve His children, the Guirguis Law Clients, whom she ensures feel as though they are part of their Guirguis Law Family.

On a personal note, Nan absolutely loves and is the proud owner of two big dogs. They are both fun loving and endearing. Her phone is actually filled with pictures of them, and the rest of her family, whom she loves unconditionally.

Favorite quote and words that we at Guirguis Law live by: "Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier and better for it". Mother Teresa


  • Campbell University Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law, Buies Creek, North Carolina
  • North Carolina State University
    • Degree in Sociology
    • Honors: First in Her Class

Professional Associations

  • American Immigration Lawyers Association

Practice Areas

  • Immigration Law

Specialties and Certifications

  • Immigration & NC Board Certified Specialist in State & Federal Criminal Defense, 2012