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Faith-Based Lawyers For Conflicts In North Carolina Civil Courts

Navigating conflict in the civil court system is not for the faint of heart. Our faith-based civil litigators at Guirguis Law, P.A., in Raleigh, provide steady guidance and trusted legal advice. We help clients who have been injured in an accident, need assistance filing a workers’ compensation claim, or need support resolving a conflict or dispute. With experience throughout a wide range of civil litigation practice areas, our tireless litigators go above and beyond for clients throughout Raleigh’s surrounding North Carolina communities.

Legal Representation For Civil Law Conflicts

If you have been injured in an accident, need assistance with a workers’ compensation claim or have a conflict that has escalated into a contract dispute, we can help. Our lawyers provide experienced guidance through a wide range of civil matters, including:

Our lawyers also help clients navigate divorce and child custody issues and provide estate planning services.

Representing Under-Represented Immigrants In Civil Court

Our experienced immigration lawyers know that immigrants and non-citizens are not always provided easy access to our American court system. We understand that non-citizens might be easily intimidated by a legal challenge and there are a lot of reasons that a non-citizen might fear taking action against those who have wronged them. We work to bridge that gap. We want to fight to make anyone who has been wronged, right again regardless of their citizenship or immigrant status.

Schedule A Consultation With A Civil Litigator

To schedule a consultation with an experienced litigation attorney, contact our office by calling 919-874-1445 or by sending us an email through our website. We look forward to hearing about your potential case and answer any questions that you have.