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I Received A Subpoena — Do I Have To Go To Court?

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2020 | Criminal Law

Did you receive a subpoena from the Wake County or Durham County Assistant District Attorney to appear in court as a witness in a case? Legally, you must attend. If you do not attend, there is a chance a warrant could be put out for your arrest.

There are some situations where you simply may not be able to attend court. If you cannot attend court on the date in question, contact the District Attorney’s Office to let them know. They will let you know how to proceed.

What if you want to drop the charges against the defendant? You may or may not have that option. Legally speaking, the criminal case is now in the hands of the State of North Carolina; you are not the plaintiff. However, you can still contact the District Attorney’s office and explain your situation, or you may ask to speak to the Assistant District Attorney in court on the day you are due to appear. This does not guarantee the charges will be dropped. But remember, if you are put on the stand by the State, you are speaking under oath and must tell the truth or you could be penalized for perjury.

If you have any questions regarding your subpoena, contact the Assistant District Attorney in the appropriate county for more information.

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