Will Points From Another State Transfer to North Carolina?

dmv points north carolinaPoints from traffic violations in states outside of North Carolina can unfortunately follow you here. Forty-four states are part of the Drivers’ License Compact, which reports traffic violations among states. North Carolin is one of these states. 

If you are pulled over and charged with speeding in South Carolina, Virginia, New York, and a multitude of other states, those points will likely eventually be reported to the NC DMV. Your insurance rates here can go up, and you potentially may lose your license. Therefore, it is incredibly important to not ignore tickets in other states. Often, you are best off hiring an attorney in that jurisdiction to handle the charge. 

In North Carolina, if you accrue 12 points on your license within three years the DMV will suspend your license. By hiring a traffic attorney in Wake or Durham, you may be able to reduce the amount of points that you may receive from a charge. This can lower your insurance costs in the long run. Contact the traffic attorneys at Guirguis Law at (919) 832-0500 for more information. 

Although the out-of-state charge may not appear immediately on your driving record, it likely will eventually. You do not want to be surprised and find out you no longer have a driver’s license if you get pulled over. 

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