Which Courtroom Am I In?

If your court date is coming up soon, you can find out ahead of time which courtroom you need to be in at the Wake County Justice Center or Durham Courthouse. 

To find out which courtroom you should be in, click here and select the correct county from the drop-down list. Then, type your last name. If too many results populate, type your last name followed by a comma (with no space) and then your first initial (with no space between the comma and your first initial). You will see a room number under “Court Room.” If there is not a room listed yet, or it simply says “Jail” or “WCJC,” check closer to your court date for an update. If your court date is today or tomorrow, you may need to check with the Clerk of Court to obtain your courtroom.

Please note that courtrooms may sometimes change, so check back on your court date. 

If you are not sure if you need to attend court, contact your attorney for more information. However, if you do not have an attorney, you must be present for court unless the Assistant District Attorney tells you otherwise. It does not matter that the police officer told you not to appear–you must rely on what the ADA or your attorney says. 

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