When is My Court Date?

Do you have a court date in Durham County or Wake County coming up? You can check when you are next due in court here. This will not only show you when your next North Carolina court date is, but will also let you know which courtroom you are expected to appear in. If the Wake courtroom reads “WJCJ,” check the day before your court date for an updated courtroom number. 

If you have been criminally cited or received a speeding ticket, you will have a court date either at the Wake County Justice Center (the newer courthouse on Salisbury Street) or the Durham County Courthouse (on Dillard Street). If you do not have an attorney, you must appear in court on your scheduled date. If you do not, you will receive a failure to appear (FTA) and an order for arrest (OFA) may be issued. 

However, if you hire an attorney, you might not have to appear in court depending on you charge. Contact Guirguis Law at (919) 832-0500 or at info@guirguislaw.com for more information about how our experienced Raleigh and Durham criminal defense attorneys can assist you. 

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