What is a Prayer for Judgement Continued in North Carolina?

Often, when someone receives a traffic ticket in North Carolina, their friends and family will tell them to “just use a PJC on it!” Sometimes, this is not the best advice and can hurt more than it can help. 

A prayer for judgement continued, a.k.a. a PJC, is essentially a continued disposition. PJCs are generally used for speeding tickets, minor traffic offenses, and some misdemeanors. A PJC cannot be used for a DWI or speeding offenses over 25 miles per hour of the posted speed. 

If you ask for a PJC, you will still be responsible for court costs. However, you may have one PJC in your household every three years to avoid an insurance rate increase. More than one PJC in your household every three years can potentially raise your car insurance rates (Note: household = anyone on your insurance policy. If you are concerned that your roommate has used a PJC, contact your insurance company to see if this has any affect on you.). 

You are also permitted two PJCs every five years for purposes of your driver’s license. Any more than that is considered a conviction and will add points to your license. Therefore, use a PJC only if needed. You may have other options besides a PJC. Contact the traffic lawyers at Guirguis Law at (919) 832-0500 for a free consultation of your charge. We may be able to find a better solution and save the PJC for a future violation. 

Many judges are hesitant to allow a PJC if there is a better option for you, but cannot give you legal advice. Therefore, it is likely in your best interest to contact a criminal defense attorney for more information. Email us at info@guirguislaw.com to set up a time to talk. 

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