Violence Against Women Act

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) was created to protect certain immigrants suffering domestic violence at the hands of their United States Citizen spouse, child, or parent and certain spouses and children of permanent residents.

VAWA allows these victims to file a petition for themselves without their abusers’ knowledge or consent. USCIS also keeps all information private, only exchanging correspondence with legal counsel to protect the applicant from harm at the hands of their abuser. At Guirguis Law we have experience working with victims of crimes and domestic violence and understand how difficult it can be to speak about the abuse to others. We also understand that at times it can be hard for victims to identify certain acts as abuse towards them,  but we are here to help you every step of the way.

Abuse goes much further than just physical abuse, such as emotional and mental abuse, and can encompass may acts such as:

  • Economic control. As the abuser has legal status in the United States and is the only person in the relationship able to work they use control over money to control the victim.
  • Verbal. Derogatory language has a great impact on a person making them feel as less and undeserving.
  • Forced physical relations.
  • Immigration threats. The abuser will hold ones immigration status as leverage threatening them that if the police is called or the victim tries to escape they will call immigration and have the victim deported.

Please call us today for assistance. With God by our side we can help in this healing process to find independence and strength.

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