Texting While Driving Ticket in Durham

texting while drivingThe North Carolina texting while driving law is relatively new — it was just enacted in 2009. It forbids one from typing “multiple letters or text into the device as a means of communicating with another person; or reading any electronic mail or text message transmitted to the device or stored within the device.” If cited, one will be subject to an infraction, a $100 fine, and court costs. Driver’s license points will not be assessed, and there are no statutorily-required insurance increases. However, check with your car insurance company to see if you will lose any type of safe driver discount which could result in a rate increase. 

If you are stopped for texting while driving in Durham or Wake County, do NOT let the officer see your phone. He must have a warrant to go through it. An officer cannot go through your text messages or browser history in an attempt to see if you were in fact sending or receiving text messages while driving. 

Paying a texting while driving citation online is a guilty plea. If you received the citation in concert with other violations, you may have options. Contact the traffic attorneys at Guirguis Law at info@guirguislaw.com for more information. Our experienced lawyers have handled a multitude of traffic citations, and know how to navigate the court system. 

Obviously, texting while driving is incredibly dangerous and can result in serious injuries. If the text is so important that you must send it immediately, consider using voice to text — it is legal in North Carolina. Otherwise, wait to send the text or pull over in a safe spot. 

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