Pay North Carolina Court Costs Online

pay court fees onlineNorth Carolina allows court cost payments online. If you are not able to pay the day you receive the cost bill, you can avoid traveling to court again by paying online. 

Visit Online Services to pay your cost and fine. You will need your case number, which can be found on your bill. It is incredibly important to pay your cost and fine within the specified time allowed to avoid additional penalties. 

If you are not able to pay online, your attorney may be willing to take your payment to the courthouse for you. The Clerk of Court accepts cash, certified check, and money orders. They will also accept a credit card, but a processing fee is added. 

If you have a criminal case in Durham or Wake, contact Guirguis Law at for a free consultation on your charges. We will give you a full and honest analysis of your case, and to the best to mitigate your damages. 


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