Paige Feldmann

Paige Feldmann joined the Guirguis Law team in September 2017. She focuses on criminal defense, family law, and civil matters in Wake and surrounding counties. Attorney Feldmann’s unique fighting style for her clients consists of making sure to treat our clients as part of her family. Knowing that, we at Guirguis Law recognized that she was perfect for our Guirguis Law Team because we strive to ensure that our clients know that they are part of our Guirguis Law Family.

Attorney Feldmann received her undergraduate degree in Finance from Penn State and her Juris Doctor from Campbell Law. Additionally, she holds a Master’s of Business Administration and is a licensed esthetician. Before attending law school, she worked in the salon and cosmetics industry, as well as in corporate recruiting and insurance. This allowed her to work with many different backgrounds and people. As such, she grew to respect and empathize with others in a way that solidified the type of compassionate and driven style of legal advocacy that she possesses for our clients at Guirguis Law.

While at Campbell Law, Attorney Feldmann fell in love with criminal law because of the necessity to ensure that all rights are protected no matter what background or ethnicity one is because that is what the United States stood for. She interned with the Chatham County Clerk’s Office, the Wake County Public Defender and the District Attorney’s Office, a private criminal defense firm, and the Wake County Family Court. She also sharpened her trial skills as a member of Campbell’s trial team and honed her writing ability as Managing Editor of The Campbell Law Observer. This type of experience and passion allowed her to fit right into the Guirguis Law team that always strive to ensure that our clients’ rights are protected and properly held to the highest regards.

After passing the North Carolina Bar exam, she worked for a civil litigation firm, and this experience further lent itself to sharpening her skills to use here at her home at Guirguis Law. Attorney Feldmann is excited to fight in the courtroom with our Guirguis Law Team and pursue her true passion of protecting the constitutional rights of others.

When not working, Ms. Feldmann spends time with her dogs, cheering for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and sitting on the national board of directors of Esperanto-USA. 

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.”