Expired Registration in Wake and Durham County

expired registration It happens to the best of us — your North Carolina vehicle registration renewal sat in your stack of mail with credit card offers and old bills for months, and you simply just forgot about it.  Now, you have received a ticket for driving with an expired registration in Wake or Durham County.  If you continue to ignore your expired registration, you could face a multitude of fines and penalties.  It is best to have your car inspected immediately and renew your registration as soon as possible.

If you have received an expired registration citation in Wake or Durham, an attorney can quickly and easily handle the charge for you.  Contact Guirguis Law at (919) 832-0500 for more information about how our attorneys can help have your ticket dismissed.

If you no longer own the car, or the police stopped you while you were driving someone else’s car, there are a few more steps involved in the process, and it may take multiple court dates to clear up the ticket. Hiring an attorney can help make this easier so you do not have to miss work multiple times. Email the Raleigh traffic attorneys at Guirguis Law at info@guirguislaw.com for a free consultation on how we can help with your charge. 

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