Does the Courthouse Close for Bad Weather?

raleigh weatherTemperature drops at night are a sure sign that winter is (eventually coming) to North Carolina. On very few days in Durham and Wake Counties, weather will be bad enough to keep people from attending work or school. If you have court scheduled that day, you are likely watching the news to see if you actually need to appear. 

The courts do everything possible to avoid closing. By closing, all dates are pushed out a month, which is costly and jams up the system. However, if safety is at issue, the courts will close. You can check WRAL for an update list of what Triangle courts are closed. If a court does not appear, it is safe to assume it is open. 

If you genuinely do not feel comfortable to drive in bad weather conditions such as ice or snow, contact your attorney and let them know. If you do not have an attorney, contact the Clerk of Court for your county to ask how you should proceed. Judges are often more lenient about continuing cases when the weather is bad. The worst thing you can do is nothing  — you must attempt to contact the Clerk or your attorney if the courthouse is not closed but the weather is bad. If you do not attempt do, you might have a warrant for your arrest issued or receive a failure to appear charge, which could revoke your driver’s license. 

After a closure, you can check Citation Query to determine when your case has been rescheduled to. If your name does not appear, contact the Clerk to find out when your next court date is. 

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