December 2017 Changes to Expungement Law

On July 28, 2017 North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper signed a law that makes it easier for some convicted of crimes in North Carolina and those who had their charges dismissed to remove the charges for their criminal records. 

Pursuant to Senate Bill 445, those convicted of a non-violent felony only have to wait ten years to have the conviction expunged rather than fifteen years.  One convicted of a non-violent misdemeanor must only wait five years rather than ten. Additionally, a person with multiple dismissals may have the dismissals expunged, regardless of the time period they occurred within. Formerly, a person only had once chance to have the dismissals expunged; now the person can apply for expunction more than once in his or her lifetime. 

However, the law also permits the courts to treat an expungement granted after December 1, 2017 as a prior record. This could negatively impact many people. Prosecutors will be able to view these expungement records electronically. 

Ultimately, SB 445 is a change in the right direction for criminal justice. 

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