Assault on Female Charges in Wake and Durham County

assault on femaleAn assault on female charge in North Carolina is a Class A1 misdemeanor and carries the possibility of jail time.  This is a very serious charge, and can be difficult to navigate without the assistance of an attorney.  However, just because you have been charged with assault on a female does not necessarily mean you are going to jail for an extended period of time. There are ways to reduce the sentence or have the charge completely dismissed.

Often, when a male receives an assault on female charge in Wake or Durham County, the arresting officer asks the court to take out a 50B or 50C order on the accused. 50B and 50C orders are no-contact/restraining orders that forbid the accused from contacting the alleged victim. These orders can last ten days, a year, or longer, depending on whether the order is extended. No-contact orders in North Carolina are civil matters, and can involve a hearing between the accused and alleged victim. 

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