Photo_0067_webVilma Mieses is Guirguis Law’s Office Administrator. As our Law Office Administrator she has brought with her an enriched background and personal history. She was born and raised by her paternal grandmother in a small town of the Dominican Republic named San Cristobal.  It is in that small town that this beautiful girl grew up to become a strong intelligent woman with a drive to succeed for our clients at Guirguis Law.

Since childhood she has demonstrated initiative and innate ability to plan, organize and solve problems. While still in elementary school, she participated in programs to provide mentoring and advice to students and community members who needed support. This is because she has always had the vocation to serve others selflessly as she currently does at Guirguis Law for our clients.

Vilma grew up watching the example of her father, who was a worthy and hardworking student; he was a Business Advisor who taught in the Business Department of a local university. Vilma’s interest in office administration began in 1994 when she discovered a world of possibilities in this career. She studied Market Administration at Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo where she earned her a Bachelor Degree in 2001. During the time she was in the college she was helping students as a Teacher’s Assistant in Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences while also managing four different jobs.  Vilma worked in Office Management, Administration, and Sales and Supervision, getting wiser with every step forward. Following in her father’s footsteps she also started to teach Market Administration in a private college.

In 2005 a lot of businesses in Dominican Republic became bankrupt and many people lost their jobs due to an economic crisis.  So full of hope for a brighter future, Vilma decided to immigrate to the USA because she was determined to accomplish her dreams despite the economic downturn in the Dominican Republic.  Accordingly, she understands and has true compassion for Guirguis Law’s clients who come to the United States for a better life.

Additionally, her new start in Raleigh North Carolina was challenging as she was confronted with a new culture, a new language, and the fact that she was living far from her beloved family. Now she is able to communicate with people in Spanish and English and has embraced her role as Law Office Administrator at Guirguis Law. Her experience is a source of motivation to help our clients adapting to a new way of life and succeeding despite their troubles.

Furthermore, she also had a fascination for American tax, which began when she enrolled in the Income Tax Law School in Raleigh.  After completing her coursework in 2009, she began working as a Tax Preparer that serves the Latin Community. In order to better serve her clients she became a Wake County Notary Public in 2010.  She also holds certifications in Bookkeeping and Payroll achieving enough knowledge to start her own practice in MultiSolutions INC as founder and president. Her tax preparation qualifications enable her to effectively assist our Guirguis Law clients whom need to meet certain tax filing requirements for the filing of certain immigration forms of relief during removal proceedings; such as, Cancellation of Removal. These qualifications also allow her to successfully serve our clients who need to meet certain income requirements for certain affirmative filings; such as, adjustment of status, given that these filings require the petitioner to meet certain income requirements in filing the financial affidavit(s).

All the expertise in Administration, Bookkeeping and Tax Law combined with the orientation to serve people in the name of God have made Vilma a very natural fit in the Guirguis Law Firm team. She is very proactive and strongly believes our Guirguis Law team work is the key to achieve success and serve our clients in the best manner possible. “You shall love your neighbor as yourself” is a Bible verse that she always keeps in her heart.