Omar Bashi

Omar Mazin Bashi is a contract Immigration Attorney at Guirguis Law. Mr. Bashi graduated from Charlotte School of Law in North Carolina. Mr. Bashi received his Bachelor’s of Science Degree (with a Concentration in Business Management and Human Resource Management) from Barton College in Wilson, North Carolina.

Attorney Bashi’s education and background made him a perfect fit for Guirguis Law. During Law School, Mr. Bashi volunteered as a student attorney in the Charlotte School of Law Immigration Clinic and worked one on one with individual clients regarding their cases as he prepared, filled, and drafted applications for Special Juvenile Immigrant Visas, Adjustment of Status, and Fee Waivers with memorandum of support for each case. He also assisted other student attorneys to prepare for court by playing the government’s role; maintained client files; prepared weekly journals on the status of cases; and conducted new client intake interviews. Attorney Bashi also served as a case manager in Fairfax, Virginia. In this position Attorney Bashi interviewed immigration clients and families to determine the proper fit for the respective programs, attended court daily to help potential clients receive bail, testified on behalf of clients to demonstrate how the client was a good fit for the program, visited clients at immigration detention centers, assisted clients and their family’s to provide knowledge of the legal system, conducted legal research for clients’ criminal and immigration cases, and prepared memorandums, motions, and other court documents for client cases.

At Guirguis Law we fight for our clients, and do so in a manner that upholds a high standard of passion and knowledge. This unique style of legal advocacy also made Immigration Attorney Bashi a good fit for Guirguis Law since as an immigrant, Mr. Bashi understands the struggle and the importance of obtaining legal status in the United States. Attorney Bashi had to go through the complicated immigration system himself and uses his legal knowledge and experience to passionately help his clients navigate the ever-changing complex immigration world while providing proper and detailed representation to his clients. 

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