The Code of Student Conduct at many universities such as North Carolina State University, Duke, University of North Carolina, Meredith College, Shaw University, and any other academic institutions set the requirements for how their college students conduct in the university community. Students accused of violating the Code of Student Conduct are subject to disciplinary measures that may include such severe sanctions as suspension or expulsion.

Also realize that college students charged in criminal cases, even for incidents that happen off campus, may also be forced to deal with academic disciplinary measures from school officials. You do not necessarily have to be convicted of your charge to face the possibility of student discipline. Keep in mind that these academic disciplinary proceedings are in addition to the criminal charges you would face in the judicial system.

Students accused of non-academic misconduct are typically requested to meet with the Office of Student Conduct. During these meetings, students are made aware of the specific allegations and have the opportunity to provide additional information for the case files.  Student should consider talking with an attorney prior to any meeting at student conduct.

Allegations of student misconduct will likely have a huge impact on your future. The results of a disciplinary hearing may include suspension from the university or even expulsion.  At your disciplinary hearing, the university will have legal counsel at its disposal. However, you have rights as a college student. You are allowed to have an attorney fight for you during these hearings.

A student charged with violating the Code of Student Conduct may choose to have an attorney represent the student during any subsequent disciplinary procedure. If you want an attorney to fight for you during these proceedings, you must provide the following documents to the Office of Student Conduct at least three days prior to the scheduled disciplinary proceeding:

  • Notice of Participation by an Attorney or other Advocate
  • FERPA Release of Information Form
  • Certification by Licensed Attorney (Prepared by the attorney on your behalf)

If you were recently arrested or have been accused of some other violation of your school’s Code of Student Conduct, we can work to make sure that you avoid sanctions that dramatically affect your academic career. The attorneys at Guirguis Law, PA zealously defend college students whether it be in traditional courtrooms or in academic disciplinary hearings.

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